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This part of the site is here to list out the different parts of my coursework that I find interesting or unique in some way. This is NOT a complete list of courses I've taken, but rather just the ones that I think might be interesting for someone else to read about (and those for which I have interesting material to post). For a complete list of my courses, see the Transcript page.

EDC 1 & EDC 2 - These courses are usually taken as freshman. It teaches freshman about the design process by allowing them to work in a team to create a real prototype for a real client.

Assembly - This course teaches the basics of assembly programming.

Computer Graphics - In this two-course sequence, I learned about OpenGL and how 3D graphics are achieved on computers.

Project Management - This course is basically EDC for software engineers. Students learn management techniques specific to software projects while working on a real project for a real client.

Microprocessor Design - This course is an introduction to microprocessors and how to design products that use them. It leads to the Microprocessor Projects course.

Microprocessor Projects - This course fulfills the senior design requirement for Northwestern engineers, although it is actually a two-course sequence. The first course is coming up with an idea and designing a solution. The second course is actually implementing the design and dealing with the issues that arise.

Game Design - This course was about the design that goes into creating a computer game. I was also part of an unofficial undergraduate research group researching game design. If you haven't figured it out yet, I like games of all types.

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