Software Project Management

(EECS 394)

As one of my electives, I took a course in software project management. Students learn management techniques specific to software projects while working on a real project for a real client. We learned about techniques such as Agile software development, Extreme Programming, and SCRUM.

I worked in a group of three. Fortunately, our client was a graduate student in the EECS department, so our client meetings weren't very hard to get to. We developed a component for the News At Seven project. Our task was to find interesting comments to say about news stories to spice them up and make them more interesting to watch. This was a very challenging task. Basically, our solution was to identify keywords from the news story, perform a blog search with those keywords, and attempt to rate the results to find short interesting comments. These comments were to be interjected by one of the news presenters while the other one read the news story. The News At Seven system is capable of converting text into an animated presentation, so our project only needed to generate a script.

To see our project report, click here for the PDF, or view it in the viewer below.

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Below are the results of a few news stories. The woman on the left would read the stories while the man on the right would interject interesting or funny comments. Note that our code to analyze text to extract complete sentences was not our primary focus, so we spent very little time on it. As a result, some dialog bubbles do not contain full sentences when they should.

Marky Mark Will Be a Daddy Dad

Mark Wahlberg is hoping that three won't be a crowd in his nursery.
Mark Wahlberg is unhappy that David Beckham and wife Victoria have moved down the road from him.
Already a father to two toddlers, Mark Wahlberg is getting ready to welcome his third child.
"The Happening" actor and his longtime girlfriend Rhea Durham are expecting their third child together, reports People.
The commercial for The Happening looks laughably, terribly, horrendously bad.
I'll say this though, The Happening looks like it might end that streak.
Details about the impending birth, such as the sex of the baby and the due date, were not revealed.
Wahlberg, who just turned 37, and Durham, 29, have been together since 2001 and already have two children: Ella, 4, and Michael, 3 in July.
In "The Happening," M.
Night Shyamalan's thriller opening Friday, June 13, Wahlberg plays a science teacher caught up in mysterious and frightening circumstances.
His upcoming films also include "Max Payne" with Mila Kunis and the big-screen adaptation of "The Lovely Bones," due out in fall 2009.
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Ashlee Simpson Will Take Pete Wentz's Last Name

A ring won't be the only symbol of Ashlee Simpson's love for her husband.
Ashlee Simpson's Pennsylvania Promotion Her new single "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" is out, and now Ashlee Simpson has begun promoting the heck out of it.
Ashlee Simpson isn't taking to the motherly glow very easily.
The newlywed intends to change her last name from Simpson to Wentz, in honor of hubby, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, according to People.
personally, I think Pete Wentz is a pompous ass.
Pete Wentz is not that funny or creative.
"I think that that's something that a woman should do when they're marrying a man," she says.
"It's a tradition that I think is a great tradition".
Wentz says it's purely his wife's choice.
"These decisions with Ashlee and her name are all completely up to Ashlee.
I want her to do these kinds of things the way she wants to do them," he says, adding, "Oh man, I was like upgrade me!
You know what I'm saying?
The Wentz family, our Christmas card just got upgraded!
It feels insane.
It feels unreal".
The couple got married on May 17 in the home of Simpson's parents.
The reception featured an Alice in Wonderland theme.
Simpson will use Wentz's last name privately, but professionally she'll be known as Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.
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Report: George Clooney, Sarah Larson Break Up

Women around the world are tentatively rejoicing with the latest rumor about George Clooney's love life.
George Clooney is a JERK?
In Michael Clayton George Clooney looks like a man whose pig just died.
The "Michael Clayton" star and his girlfriend of one year, Sarah Larson, have reportedly split.
As I mentioned in the main review, Michael Clayton is a hollow man.
Michael Clayton is arguably Clooney's best performance as an actor, as opposed to as a movie star.
"We do not comment on George's personal life," was the only statement begrudgingly given by Clooney's rep Stan Rosenfield.
Larson, 29, is a former model, Vegas cocktail waitress and "Fear Factor" winner.
Fear Factor is one of those shows who proliferates the primetime TV of such cringe-if-you-may display of human flaw.
then I was like, "but the cockroaches in Fear Factor looks "clean" wa~" haha.
She first met Clooney nearly four years ago when she was serving drinks at The Whiskey Bar.
It wasn't until another chance meeting in Las Vegas in June 2007 that they decided to give romance a chance.
They made their public debut at the Venice and Deauville film festivals last September and were later injured in a motorcycle accident that month.
Clooney next stars alongside his "Ocean's Eleven" franchise buddy Brad Pitt in the Coen brothers' "Burn After Reading," hitting theaters in September.
4] I wish Brad Pitt would break up with angelina and let me have his children.
Brad Pitt looks to reap the benefits, and maybe, finally, garner legitimate respect.
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Vin Diesel, Girlfriend Welcome Baby Girl

Vin Diesel, who cared for kids in his film "The Pacifier," has one of his own now.
So far, The Pacifier has been nothing short of a gigantic pain.
Personally, I thought The Pacifier was pretty good.
Senor Vin Diesel is producing and shooting Fast and Furious which is due out june 2009 all of this and he became a Daddy on April 2nd.
Vin Diesel has a different responsibility - proud papa!
The "Fast and the Furious" actor and his girlfriend, model PalomaJimenez, somehow became parents on April 2 without the media catching wind of the news till two months later, reports People.
The baby girl's name has yet to be announced.
Diesel will next star in "Babylon AD," in theaters August 29 and is currently shooting and producing the fourth installment of the "Fast and Furious" franchise.
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