Computer Graphics

(EECS 351 and EECS 395)

Two of my electives I chose to take were in computer graphics, specifically OpenGL. We learned using the GLUT library while programming in C++. Part of both courses involved keeping a record of our progress on a class wiki. Fortunately, I made a copy of my wiki pages before they were taken down, and I've since reformatted them for this website.

EECS 351 - In the first course, we learned about lighting, shadows, cameras, rotational and translational matrices, splines, and other topics related to computer graphics. I completed four projects during the course. The first was a simple 2D project to get the hang of OpenGL. The second was a 3D scene. The third was the same as the second, but with lighting added. Finally, the fourth project involved stitching together splines.

EECS 395 - The second course had two larger projects on more advanced topics. The first project was about particle systems. The second project was a ray tracer.

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